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Now accepting expressions of interest through September, 2019

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Salil is a Nepali musician and multidisciplinary artist coming to Canada in the fall of 2019 for a fundraising tour in support of his latest educational project, Heavens and Earth - The Nepal Telescope Project. The project will bring artists and scientists to communities around Nepal for star-gazing, story-telling, indigenous knowledge, and science. Celebrated across Nepal for his community development and education work, Salil’s practice is steeped in creative expression, philosophy, story-telling and collective empowerment - all revolving around the didgeridoo. He was inspired to work with the Australian aboriginal wind instrument 18 years ago when he discovered how the deep uncanny sounds echo in the Himalayan landscape. Since then, Salil has used music and art to express the mystery and beauty of life, to educate about conservation, and to develop skills among children and youth, especially in rural communities. Also an expert on traditional Nepali singing bowls and Eastern spirituality, Salil reaches something at the core of each member of his audience, be he performing in Nepal or internationally.


While in Canada, Salil wants to give concerts, meet other creative educators and musicians to share ideas and experiences, and to collaborate with others who share his passions. He also wants to lead workshops on the use of the didgeridoo and singing bowls for healing and deepening mindfulness. This outreach campaign was created by a small team of Canadian supporters who are now seeking commitments from communities, organizations, classrooms, venues, and galleries to host events, performances and/or workshops on any of these areas of interest.

Salil’s Work at a Glance

  • Director, Himalayan Culture Mill: FACEBOOK
  • Founding Member, Antenna Foundation Nepal: YOUTUBE
  • Musician, Theatre Artist, Writer, Member of Earthbeat Live: ARTICLE, INTERVIEW, YOUTUBE
  • Author of Singing Bowl: A Practical Guide to Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, 2016. VAJRA PUBLICATIONS
  • Arts Correspondent with Nepali Times, Himal Khabarpartika, Kathmandu Post and the Everest Herald

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