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Monday August 5, 2019

Salil Subedi is a Nepali musician and multidisciplinary artist touring Canada in the fall of 2019 fundraising in support of his latest educational project, Heavens and Earth - The Nepal Telescope Project. The project will bring artists and scientists to communities around Nepal for star-gazing, story-telling, indigenous knowledge, and science.

Join Salil and local musicians, artists and educators for special concerts, workshops, and collaborations sharing ideas and experiences about their shared passions. Workshops will often focus on the use of the didgeridoo and singing bowls for healing and deepening mindfulness. Concert locations range from intimate home settings to premier performance venues.

Celebrated across Nepal for community development and education, Salil’s work offers creative expression, philosophy, story-telling, and collective empowerment - all revolving around the didgeridoo. Also an expert on traditional Nepali singing bowls and Eastern spirituality, Salil connects with each member of his audience, be he performing in Nepal or internationally.

This tour was organized by a small team of dedicated volunteers who have worked with communities, organizations, classrooms, and venues across southern Ontario, Quebec and maritime provinces to make it all possible. A few dates are still available for booking in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime provinces.


Salil’s Work at a Glance
  • Director, Himalayan Culture Mill: FACEBOOK
  • Founding Member, Antenna Foundation Nepal: VIDEO,
  • Musician, Theatre Artist, Writer, Member of Earthbeat Live: ARTICLE, INTERVIEW, YOUTUBE
  • Author of Singing Bowl: A Practical Guide to Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, 2016. VAJRA PUBLICATIONS
  • Arts Correspondent with Nepali Times, Himal Khabarpartika, Kathmandu Post and the Everest Herald
For booking or interview inquiries, please contact:
Michael Cooke, Lead Volunteer