Everything you see here will be available for sale at all Salil Subedi 2019 Canadian Tour stops. All proceeds will be in support of Heavens & Earth: The Nepal Telescope Project. Looking forward to seeing you!


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Hard copies in CD format available at all 2019 Canadian Tour stops.

Singing Bowls Books:

Salil has published two books on the singing bowl and methods for using them as tools for mindfulness and healing.

"Singing Bowl: A Nepali Instrument for Tuning the Mind, Healing the Body"

"Singing Bowl Sound Healing: The Swoyambhu method of Aman Shahi"


2019 Canadian Tour commemorative shirts are made in Canada 100% ringspun cotton unisex tees available in adult S-XL. Design by Jolene Simko & Niq Gryphon. Printed at Ironclad Graphics in Kingston, ON.