नेपाल टेलिस्कोप प्रोजेक्ट Heavens & Earth: The Nepal Telescope Project

Weaving an intergenerational tapestry of indigenous storytelling, science, art & technology for Nepali youth & beyond!

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Heavens and Earth: The Nepal Telescope Project will provide adventurous educational and cultural programming for youth across Nepal and beyond. It was envisioned by a collective of artists, scientists and elders as led by multidisciplinary artist & musician Salil Subedi. Together, we will help lead explorations of the wonders of the universe, nature, science, and the global condition.

While leading arts programming in urban and rural communities over the years, Salil saw gaps in education, opportunity and infrastructure that were too great to ignore. In Nepal, as is globally, there’s a great need for popular scientific literacy. This need is heightened by misinformation spread about the environment, conservation and climate change.

Remote communities receive offers of “development” that promise relief from poverty and isolation, but so often result in deforestation, the commodification of wildlife, resource exploitation and displacement of indigenous communities. Through relationships built with community elders, Salil came to understand the fundamental role traditional knowledge, arts and storytelling must play in closing these gaps, educating the population, and protecting the earth in this vulnerable region.

In addition to traditional knowledge, modern technology has a crucial role to play. Heavens & Earth will collect and preserve lost stories, folk tales, myths, songs, melodies, rhythms and village events excluded from mainstream history. We will employ digital communications tools such as blogs, vlogs, podcasting and live streaming to build an online repository of culture and networking platforms linking youth and communities across Nepal and around the globe.

The upcoming pilot phase will lead the first round of programming and student exchange. The team will spend time in training, preparation and consultation with schools, communities, media and cultural centers. Time has been set aside for critical review of our methods with feedback from participants and experts. This is the time to test the ideas, principles and procedures to be refined or adapted as needed.

The current proposed pilot location is the mountain village of Tarey Bhir (2000m approx). Located beside a picturesque cliff face, the village is largely inhabited by the indigenous Tamang community. Winter, spring and summer it boasts stunning night sky views and equally stunning sightings of endangered species of birds, mammals, insects including the elusive Himalayan leopard. Tare Bhir’s proximity to the city makes it an ideal spot for the pilot exchange between urban and village youth.

Though we have yet to purchase the first telescope, the long-term dream is to offer scientist, elder & student exchanges across continents to become a project of global significance. We appreciate this opportunity to share our dream with you as we work to bring it into reality!

Salil & Dhading youth celebrating the completion of the Safer Dhading project in 2014.
We understand the value of our existence in the universe much more deeply when we gain understanding of the surroundings we share with the plant world, the animal world and the rocks, rivers, mountains, sea and ocean. To talk about home, first we need to acknowledge what makes home a home. By giving astronomical, geological, environmental and anthropological insights through storytelling, spiritual music, arts and technology the project aims to create aware, compassionate, nature and peace-loving global citizens of the future. This project is meant to complement the already growing level of such conscious happenings around the planet.
-Salil Subedi

नेपाल टेलिस्कोप प्रोजेक्ट How to Donate

The Salil Subedi 2019 Canadian Tour was organized by an ad-hoc group of volunteers dedicated to helping the Heavens & Earth: The Nepal Telescope Project become a reality, and to share Salil’s vibrant music and storytelling with the world. We acknowledge the generous support of our partners at PeaceQuest and the World Federalist Foundation for their support in sharing a secure, centralized and accessible donations platform.

If you have any questions about the The Nepal Telescope Project, or how your donation is processed, please contact Michael Cooke at (416) 209 6156 or

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